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Our talent is talent

We deliver top decile retention.

That’s impressive. But not by chance.

Recruiting and nurturing the most talented professionals and teams in asset management is a talent in itself — one we’ve honed for more than 30 years. We also support our clients by helping to make their talent even more talented with our personalized executive coaching programs. It’s the kind of complete and comprehensive service you can expect from us.

If you’re just looking for a recruiter, you’ve come to the wrong place. We pride ourselves as a valued partner, dedicated to our clients’ success — for today and years to come.

Talk to us. When you do, you’ll soon discover another talent we’ve acquired over the years — listening.


Your end-to-end, long-term talent acquisition and development solution.

PRIMAXUS starts with prime access — your recruitment doorway to the finest candidates in the asset management field. Its top decile talent retention rate is driven by PRIMAXUS Competency Modeling, a three-part discipline that helps us to more precisely match candidates with companies based on our PRIMAXUS Prime Candidate Profiling process.

But our expertise doesn’t stop when you sign candidates on the dotted line. To help you maximize your investment in talent, we also offer PRIMAXUS Core Energy Coaching.


Sustainable success.

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about today’s Sustainable Workplace and how we can provide you with the best candidates to thrive in it.

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